Prior to the creation of Mesa 5, a group of builders and scripters specialising in sci-fi content came together at Starbase Alpha to form what became known as The Greeblers. This team worked tirelessly to create an original sci-fi setting, to build an immersive environment to match and to take the quality of scripting so high as to provide a lag free experience for all to enjoy. To take this dream to the next level, we, The Greeblers, are creating our own sim: Mesa 5.

What is Mesa 5?

The Mesa 5 Undercity

An original science fiction themed sim in Second Life

Second Life is an online virtual world, developed by San Francisco-based Linden Lab” namely, a large collection of user-created 3D virtual environments. Content of all themes imaginable can be found throughout Second Life, naturally there are Sci-Fi locales (simulators or sims) of different flavours and fandoms; Star Trek, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica to name a few. Instead of operating within the narrative universes of any pre-existing Sci-Fi, we have created our own unique setting and themed our sim accordingly. Players looking for something other than your standard gate-walking, saber-wielding, phaser-toting, timelord’s paradise, look no further!

A cyberpunk role-playing setting

It’s the year 2615 Mesa 5 is number 5 of 8 enormous artificial platforms on the ocean planet Caliban IV, a corporate owned world on the edge of human-owned space. An enormous multi-layered dystopian city packed to the brim with merc’s, pirates, criminal warlords and the amoral mega-corps of the day.

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