Rental Information

Residential rentals at Mesa 5 come in two flavours: Space and City.

Information on commercial rentals (that is anything involving sale of items or provision of services for L$ not RP currency) can be found here

Space Rentals

Space rentals allow rezzing of ships, small space stations, fighters, gear etc. Residents with space rentals may rez their items in any of the public areas below 2290m. Permanent structures such as stations may only be rezzed between 1800m and 2290m, ships, fighters and other such equipment may be used throughout the sim aka the RP areas. While ship/sci-fi building is permitted elsewhere in the sim, we request that general building be done outside the space areas. (No one wants to see a plywood house floating through space while trying to RP).

Ranging from 250 LI to 750 LI, space rentals are provided at a rate of L$2.5 per LI (prim) per week.

City Rentals

Various structures throughout Mesa 5 can rented for both residential and RP purposes. These rentals are not to be used for commercial purposes IE no vendors or stores, people wishing to set up shop will be able to do so once the commercial districts are completed.


Apartment rentals are as you’d imagine,  currently apartments can be found in the under and midcity. Overcity apartments are under construction.

These rentals are aimed at residents wanting a permanent home or a home for their RP character in the sim.

Hab 404 – Paradyse Heights

Located in the undercity, Paradyse Heights is a large multi-storey apartment complex split into 4 towers. It contains 4 small apartments, 2 double size apartments and 2 deluxe apartments.

Hab 403 – Moon’s Rise

Located above the train station, Moon’s Rise a penthouse apartment with the same floor space as a double apartment. With its central position in the sim it has 4 sweeping views of the undercity along with a balcony on the northern face.

Hab 405 – Prosperity Falls

Located in the midcity, Prosperity Falls is a large multi-storey apartment complex split into 4 towers. It contains 4 small apartments and 4 double size apartments.

RP Locations

There are several RP locations spread throughout the city, these are available for use as RP bases either for individuals or groups/factions. The RP location rental rate is L$2.5 per LI (prim) per week; they have an LI Allowance of between 25 and 100 LI depending on the size of the building/negotiated needs of the renter.


Auto-Return and Small Craft Privileges

  • By default, the estate’s auto-return is set to 15 minutes or less. This is so that visitors can use scripted items, such as weaponry or gadgets.
  • We also permit the use of small craft without a rental or subscription, provided they do not cause too much land impact or lag. Objects will not be auto-returned if an avatar is sitting on them, so to use a craft like a fighter, simply rez it and then take a seat. If the craft has been out longer than 15 minutes, it will be auto-returned once you stand up again.
  • Our resources are limited, so please do not attempt to circumvent auto-return via scripts, temporary rezzers or any other such method. We wish we could grant everyone free prim usage but it’s simply not possible. People found to be rezzing via unauthorised methods will, unfortunately, have to be banned. Note for clarification: use of rezzers in general is fine, using them to break auto return or hide large amounts of prims from staff is not.

Rental Agreement

By renting with us you agree to adhere to both the sim rules and the following.

Space Rentals

  • Space structures – items like space stations, satellites, or asteroids. Essentially, items one might expect to find in space in a science fiction setting.
  • Space sector – a space-themed portion of the estate.
  • Space rental area – the “Deep Space” sector, which is between altitudes 1800m and 2290m.
  1. Space rentals are designed for the use of nonphysical starships and space structures.
    1. Residents using space rental land impact allowances for skyboxes or other structures for extended periods of time will be cautioned.
    2. Unauthorized skyboxes and other structures will be removed if the warning is not adhered to.
  2. Space structures should only be rezzed in the designated space rental area.
    1. Mesa 5 Staff reserve the right to return any ‘permanent’ structures rezzed outside this area.
  3. Starships may be left in other space sectors, but should not remain docked to public space structures or obstruct their use while the owner is not present
    1. Mesa 5 Staff reserve the right to return any ships obstructing the public docks or hangars while left unattended, or for excessive amounts of time.
  4. It is your responsibility to stay within your allotted land impact allowance, if notified by the rental system that you have exceeded it, please make the immediate effort to locate any stray items and remove them until you are once again within limits.
    1. Mesa 5 Staff reserve the right to return any ‘stray’ items littered around the sim.
    2. Mesa 5 Staff reserve the right to return any items believed to be causing a breach of land impact allowance. (Prim heavy items pushing a resident over their limit).
  5. As per the sim rules, no sexual or explicit activity is to take place in public space areas. Private residential spaces such as space stations or starships are acceptable however be advised parcel privacy is not available due to the vertical nature of the sim.

City Rentals

  • Mesa 5 City – the non-space-themed portion of the estate between altitudes 0m and 530m.
  1. Apartment rentals are designed for use as, homes, hideouts, safe-rooms and other such residential/RP uses. They are not to be used for commercial purposes such as stores or vendors.
  2. Apartment rental items (such as furniture) should always remain rezzed in the designated apartment, ie no rezzing in an apartment other than your own without its occupier’s permission, no rezzing permanent non-vehicular items in the streets without staff permission.
    1. Mesa 5 Staff will return any inappropriate items found outside the designated apartment without warning.
  3. As per the sim rules, no sexual or explicit activity is to take place in public city areas. Private residential spaces such as apartments are acceptable however be advised parcel privacy is not available due to the vertical nature of the sim.

Note: This rental agreement is subject to change without notice.

Reserve a rental

If all rentals on sim are full (a reasonably common occurrence), the best way of ensuring you get the one you want is to put in a reservation. Reservations are first come first served and operate in a queue.

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