Commercial Rental Information

Where can I set up shop?

As Mesa 5 contains a mixture of sci-fi themed residential and roleplay environments we feel the best approach to commerce within the sim is to blend it into the city.

Throughout the eastern midcity there are a number of rent-able commercial units and stores of varying sizes clustered into a commerce district at street level. To preserve immersion the unoccupied stores are currently set up with removable mock interiors. We hope the establishment of a commerce district comprised of a range of original sci-fi content creators will help to create an in-world showcase location for customers/enthusiasts to visit/window shop as well as provide items useful to enriching the experience of our residents and roleplayers.

Taking into account the different levels of involvement and resources store owners require we have created a range of store sizes catering to three main usage cases:

Commerce Units (Small) – 10LI

Aimed at those more utilitarian store owners wishing to set up a vendor or two and some branding, these compact units are found along the western side of the main strip; are 8x8m in size and come with 10LI allowance.

Store 1 (Medium) – 25LI

The primary commercial rental type, these are single floor 16×16 stores each with a removable mock interior when unoccupied. With 25LI available for both vendors and decoration, they are primarily intended as small stores or satellite stores for existing creator-brands.

Store 2 (Large) – 50LI

Larger buildings of varying size intended for use as either creator’s main stores or stores requiring demo areas. They usually have a footprint of either 16x16m on two floors or 32x16m and while very limited in supply are available via discussion with staff


At present there are 3 sizes of rental all working at a base rate of L$5 per LI per week.

Commercial Rental Rules

All rentals at Mesa 5 are subject to the sim rental agreement however commercial rentals are also subject to the following:

Fit the theme

The theme is science fiction & cyberpunk – seller focus/content should adhere to this (though other items are also permissible within reason). If you’re uncertain as to whether your content fits the theme please speak with staff.

No spam

To be determined at the staff’s discretion

This includes but is not limited to:

  • Overly loud/spammy sounds
  • Text shouting
    • Lucky chairs/gachas/vendors etc mustn’t spam text in local chat
  • No particle spam
  • No excessive floating text

No crowd vendors

AKA. No vendors that discount or reward based on the number of people in proximity as they encourage unrelated folk to mob the store and lag the region

No camping chairs

AKA. No vendors that discount or reward based on the amount of time people spend in proximity as they encourage unrelated folk to mob the store and lag the region

No selling of content without the creator’s permission

  • No game rips
    • AKA distributing game assets
  • No rips from other creators
  • No purchased content

No explicit content – our sim has a moderate rating

  • No sex furniture
  • No genitalia
  • No soliciting or advertising of sexual services (eg RP/Sexual Escorts)

Original Sellers gain priority over affiliates

  • If an original store seller moves in and requests the removal of affiliate vendors we’ll do our best to facilitate them.

Stay within your rental limits

  • Prim limits are to be strictly adhered to
  • Objects/Property are to remain within the rental area or immediate store front
    • Advertising on boards around the city can be arranged

We reserve the right to refuse and refund rentals

Repeated violation of the rules will result in eviction and possibly a rental ban

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