Sim Rules

Mesa General Rules as of March 2015


  • Private SpacesA sim resident’s owned or rented structure or vehicle.  This includes starships, skyboxes, and buildings.
  • Sector One of the partitioned/out-of-sim skyboxed areas of the region

Second Life Terms of Service

The Mesa general rules apply in addition to the SL ToS.

Be considerate towards others

Please be considerate towards others, don’t be a Jerk. We realize that not everyone will get along, but you are expected to be civil.

Abuse of staff will not be tolerated and will likely result in either ejection or ban.

Respecting Privacy

Please respect the privacy of other residents of the sim. Residents reserve the right to ask you to leave a private space at any time.  This will be enforced by sim staff as necessary.

Rezzed Objects

Staff may return objects which are using disproportionate amounts of sim resources, or which interfere with the experience of visitors and residents.

Residents with space/non-city rentals are not to rez structures or occupy buildings without a city rental; space in the city is limited and carefully allocated.

Public docks and landing pads are first-come, first-served for the first dock you use.  Be considerate with the use of docks so that all visitors have a chance to use them.

Please respect your land impact (“prim”) allotment.  The sim has a limited amount of resources, and going over may mean someone else can’t enjoy Mesa 5. Abuse of rezzing rights will result in the return of all items and could result in rental eviction or loss of rezzing privileges.

Roleplaying at Mesa

This is addressed in the Mesa roleplay rules document, and is not required reading unless you wish to RP at Mesa.

Child Avatars

Child avatars are not permitted. Residents/users may be asked to change avatar, failure to comply may result in ejection/ban.

Small avatars are by all means permitted however staff may look unkindly on those attempting to circumvent child avatar restrictions by claiming fantastical ages or using other technicalities. It is up to staff to determine what is and isn’t a violation.

Sexual Content

This is a MODERATE sim

Public Nudity/Excessively Sexual Avatars

You will be asked to change your avatar/tone it down

Keep it implied

Overly sexual content in public RP is to be left implied via *fade to black*. If individuals wish to engage in such activities it is to be restricted to either IMs or private apartments.

Keep it in IMs

We are not thought police

Keep it in private apartments

Private apartments at mesa are designed to be outside of chat range of other apartments, as well as the general street level, please be considerate of other residents.

Keep it aboard starships

While rented starships are defined as private, when docked to a public station or within chat range of public areas such as city landing pads, please refrain from ‘private activities’.

Take it elsewhere

There are entire sims dedicated to sex/adult content elsewhere on the grid, this is not one of them.

Ripped Content

Individuals discovered to be selling meshes/content from games may be banned and evicted without refund.

While we do not approve of usage of ripped game meshes at Mesa, we understand that Second Life’s sci-fi/cyberpunk market is lacking in original content, and will not punish Residents for its usage. Though, we will strive to encourage the usage of legitimate content wherever possible, suggesting any suitable alternatives.

Griefing & Rules violations

Please report any incidents of griefing or rules violation to the sim staff.  Do not attempt to retaliate or take vigilante action.

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