Dev Pack EULAs

End User Licence Agreement

All Greeble content is copyright-protected.

By purchasing Greeble content:

You are purchasing a licence to use Greeble intellectual property, you do not receive legal ownership of Greeble intellectual property.

All Purchases are logged. You are eligible for free updates to the products where specified.

(explanations for the reasons why these rules are in place are printed in italics)


Distribution is defined as :

  • Transferring data to another Second Life™  Account.
  • Copying the files out of Second Life™
  • Re-uploading the files to a Second Life™ Account.

Primary Assets are defined as:

The files and objects intended to be used or included in the builds

  • Sculpted Prims
  • Mesh Objects
  • UV map textures for Mesh Objects (although these would technically be considered a supporting asset, we permit this as it can allow others to understand the 3d model to create their own textures for them)

Supporting Assets are defined as:

The files used to aid creators, but are not intended to be shared beyond that.

  • Sculpt maps
  • Textures

Developers Packs

Developer Packs are intended as middleware to aid content creators by giving them a range of tools and components to augment their creations. They are not a ‘business in a box’.

you CAN:

Download the Assets to modify them for use in your own creations

– You are allowed to download the assets to alter the textures, etc.

Distribute the Primary Assets as part of your own creations to others, but these creations must  NOT be full perm.

– Developer Pack content is set as full permission for the sole intention of allowing you to use them as part of your own creations. You can distribute your creations using Developer Pack content, but it must be limited to a maximum of 2 Second Life™ permissions. See the next section for more details.


Distribute the Assets as Full Permission, or in a Full Permission creation.

– Developer Pack Content is not to be distributed with full permissions.

Full Permission content has inevitably been picked apart and distributed across the grid.

However, this can be resolved by limiting permissions to a maximum of 2 of the 3 Second Life™ permissions, i.e. 

  • No-Mod/Copy/Transfer (they could not take it apart for parts, but can share it) 
  • Mod/No-Copy/Transfer (they could take it apart and give it to someone, but they would lose their only copy) 
  • Mod/Copy/No-Transfer (they could take it apart and use it for their own creations, but could not distribute them)

Distribute the Assets as we have sold them.

– There have been past incidents where certain individuals have attempted to re-box our Assets and sell them as their own. 

Distribute the Assets as a form of middleware.

– Developers Packs are not intended as a form of ‘Business in a box’. There have been past attempts by others to combine our developer packs into their own form of middleware.

Distribute the Assets to other avatars or alternate accounts.

– Self explanatory.

Distribute the Assets to other Virtual Worlds or Grids without our written permission.

– The majority of Virtual Worlds lack secure permissions systems. If in doubt, ask.

All other Content

Standard Second Life™ permission system applies.

Blogs and information about the Greeblers team and their projects, namely the Second Life sim: Mesa 5