Dev Pack EULAs

End User License Agreement

All Greeble content is copyright-protected.

By purchasing Greeble content:

You are purchasing a license to use Greeble intellectual property, you do not recieve legal ownership of Greeble intellectual property.

You are eligible for free updates to the products where specified.

(explanations for the reasons why these rules are in place are printed in italics)


Distribution is defined as :

transfering data to another Second Life™  Account

copying the files out of Second Life™

re-uploading the files to a Second Life™ Account

Builders Packs

you CAN:

Distribute the sculpted prims as part of your own creations, but these creations must  NOT be full perm.

– full permission content has been torn apart in the past for spare parts, before being spread across the grid, only having 2 of the 3 SL permissions options limits this, i.e. no-mod/copy/transfer (they could not take it apart for parts, but can share it) , mod/no-copy/transfer (they could take it apart and give it to someone, but they would lose their onlycopy), mod/copy/no-transfer (they could take it apart and use it for their own creations, but could not distribute them)


Distribute the sculpted prims as we have sold them.

– certain individuals have attempted to re-box our sculpts and sell them as their own.

Distribute the textures and sculpt maps to other avatars or alternate accounts.

– self explanatory

Distribute the textures and sculpt maps to other Grids without my written permission.

– the majority of opensim grids are not secure. if in doubt, ask.

All other Content

standard Second Life™ permission system applies


FYI We have records of all authorised sculpt pack owners, unauthorised ownership will be investigated.

Blogs and information about the Greeblers team and their projects, namely the Second Life sim: Mesa 5