Manuals for older Greeble and pre-greeble (Ifritian Industries, MEO, Unnatural Selection etc) products are included in their delivery boxes, newer Greeble ship and product manuals are available online at our Wiki


Note: We do not offer support for modified products

API documentation and information for modders can also be found on our wiki and respective product manuals.

Live support

Note: Live support is often unavailable

For in live support you may contact either Istauri Arai or Ifrit Skytower in world, do not contact Greebler Resident as your inquiry will likely go unnoticed. Unfortunately as the two most active members of the team they are often busy.

Support Requests/Tickets/Bug Reports

As IMs are frequently capped, team members busy and primarily operating on GMT,  live support may often be unavailable. By submitting a ticket using the form below we are collectively notified and informed that you require support without risk of your IM being capped or lost.

Use the contact form below to inform us of any bugs you may have encountered, launch sales inquiries or ask for general product/website assistance.

Blogs and information about the Greeblers team and their projects, namely the Second Life sim: Mesa 5