Mesa 5 Store Opens!

After months of work, we’re very excited to announce the opening of the Mesa 5 sim!  This is a labor of love for us, and we’re pleased to bring you this fresh, new sci-fi destination.  We’ll be opening up the sim in sections, and we’re starting with the store, where you can get access to some of the best science fiction gear in Second Life.

Today at 2pm SLT, we’ll be opening up with an exciting dual launch event for both the store and our new signature product, the Artemis Support Frigate, a collaboration by all of the Greeblers.  Feel free to show up any time during the event – you’ll be in good company.  We’ll be inviting groups of Second Life merchants, science fiction creators, militaries, and roleplay enthusiasts.

We have been working on Artemis, carefully refining for quite some time, polishing and testing.  Why so long?  Because we wanted to make sure you have a great experience, and to that end it has been thoroughly, extensively tested, and includes exciting new features not present in other non-physical starships.

We will start the event with a flight show to demonstrate the industry-leading features of Artemis, including our new flight core and weapons systems.  After the flight show, you will be given the chance to climb into the cockpit and test drive Artemis for yourself.  There will be a special 15% exclusive discount just for the event.

Following the test drive session, you’ll get a chance to meet and talk with the Greeblers.  We will be holding a Question & Answer panel about the Artemis, the future of the sim, and future technologies.

During the event, feel free to wander our concept art galleries in the main store to see what we’ve been working on, and what might be coming next.