Poseidon 1.0 in Progress

Work continues on the Battlecarrier Poseidon 1.0 upgrade, with more work on the flight script.

For non-modders: The biggest difference you’ll notice is that you don’t have to sit on the elevator to ride it anymore!  We’re using some new SL functionality so that it pushes you as if it were a physical object.

For modders:

  • The flight scripts now contain T-Rez 4 functionality – no extra “scene piece” scripts are required!
  • If you don’t need change the position relative to the ship’s rezbox (for example, you just retextured it), you can now take the modified section and place it directly in the rezbox.
  • If you change a section’s place relative to the center of the
    ship, and reset it, it will now re-join the ship nearly instantly, with no need to reset the ship’s flight core.
  • We hope the transition to T-Rez 4 will give us a good base for some other new technologies in the future.  It already features…
    • Easier user interface. No “build mode” versus “rez mode”.
    • Each scene can have a displayed name different from its object name. Purely optional.
    • No more “console” vs “base”. One script does both. The scene list can no longer get out of sync.
    • Ability to “grab” a ship after it’s already started moving. The ship will then follow the rezzer, like it was rezzed from it as a rezbox! Very convenient for re-packing multiple changes to a ship.
    • Proper support for “deploy all” as a configurable mode for the main script.
    • Less chatter.

Still pending:

  • Update to HUD to match flight script
  • New art assets for elevator
  • User interface script for elevator
  • Weapons installation
  • Full updated script install
  • QA Testing
  • Manual update