Mesh Poseidon

Poseidon Hull

I’m in the process of redoing Poseidon as a mesh build.

Why? Long story short, LL are changing the physics handling, and I didn’t like the increase in land impact this would cause.

Right now I’ve got most of the interior mesh stuff done, and I’ve finished texturing much of the new hull. I’m getting some pretty serious reduction in land impact – but I’m going to keep the new land impact a secret until I’ve got it finalized.
Suffice it to say, I think you’ll be both impressed and pleasantly surprised.

For the specifics, keep reading…

LL are breaking something known as the “phantom child hack”. This is what allowed us to make our sculpted door frames use only one sculpt. The changes required to make the ship “fit” with the new handling under mesh accounting would’ve made the ship’s base land impact go up to about 1600. Not cool, right?
Having fought to get the base land impact down to about 1120 from about 1400, I really didn’t feel this was acceptable.

Originally, a mesh Poseidon rebuild was something I had considered, but rejected due to time constraints. However, with the new changes, it suddenly made a lot more sense. Not only does it look a lot better, but I’m expecting to get the land impact not only below 1600, or 1200, but below 1000. Exactly how far below 1000 is something you’ll just have to wait to find out.

Now, I’m sure a lot of you are wondering, “but if the ship is mesh, will I be able to modify it?” Like all my ships, the build is still set to modify on prims. While the hull won’t be quite as tweakable, there is some good news. Many of the the interior components are modular – you can split them up and reuse them, move the floor plans around, etc. I’m planning to provide a nice, organized pack of them separately for Poseidon owners so that you don’t even have to rez a copy of the ship.