The Big Sim Progress Report

We’ve been hard at work behind the scenes at Mesa 5, things have been very quiet on the news front mainly due to us having our heads down and working away. No we’re not dead, we haven’t been abducted and sorry once again for the radio silence. As regular visitors may have noticed, there have been a lot of changes to the sim… The sim is divided into several large sections:

Staff area – 3580m+

At the very top of the sim we have the buildyard and general staff living area, this is off limits to non-staff and is equipped with a security field which will teleport home any unauthorised persons rather promptly.

Planet Rezzer – 3335-3580m

Beneath that we have a large empty area intended for a later project involving a large rezzer for creating offworld environments, the aim of which is to give space to create surface spaces other than the city for RP/Combat. A similar system was present back at Starbase Alpha for those who remember; for now it houses the mesh poseidon update and while it is open to visitors we ask you not to rez/use the space.

Rental Area – 2830 – 3315m

The large blue area below the planet rezzer is dedicated to all things rental; including the rental platform (the area’s teleport hub and location of the rental units) as well as space for any rented skyboxes/private spaces. Residents in this area are to be considered OOC unless specifically stating otherwise.

Rental Platform - home to all things rental

Store – 2315-2800m

The Greeble Store has been relocated to the very top of the space area, it sits just below the rental area and while the interior of station is OOC the surrounding space/shipyard is free for use by ships and fighters provided they don’t obstruct the demo areas (the dock in front of the main structure and the fighter hangar. Be aware that a starship rezzer will likely be installed in the coming weeks and so although the dry-dock may look empty, that could change with very little warning. (Just be sensible and make sure you don’t crash into our shop floor)

The Greeble Store

Deep Space – 1800-2290m

The relatively empty space up around 2000m is the ideal place to rez ships and is intended to provide space for more permanent resident items ie space stations. If you rent prims and intend to rez ships/stations long-term this is the best place to do it; there are currently no plans to put any scenery in this area whereas others may be subject to change. it is meant as an open space for residents to live/RP in. A small space station sits at the centre of this area and contains 3 docking arms and teleports to the landing point, greeble store and rental platform. It can be reached by clicking any of the ‘Deep Space’ teleport cards.

Deep Space Hub

outer Space – 1280-1780m

This area is likely where most of the ‘action’ will happen, it’s intended to represent areas of space away from the planet (Caliban IV) and is planned to contain several rezzable scenery sets. Currently it contains an asteroid/scrap/debris field with a ramshackle LSSC/Independent/Pirate station hidden inside it. The aforementioned space station has a small hangar for fighters, one standard docking port for ships, a living area as well as several standard amenities.

Asteroid field

Orbit – 900-1270

Fly upwards from the city and keep on going through the atmosphere, on breaching it you will find yourself above Caliban IV. In this area you will find the orbital platform, this platform maintains a geosynchronous orbit above the mesa complex and acts as a mooring for ships incapable of entering the atmosphere/landing. The orbital platform is equipped with a shuttle/fighter hangar, 3 docking ports for larger ships and a set of cargo bays. The platform’s control tower houses a bar/cantina/viewing area as well as the control centre and a bathroom. The platform itself is generally considered an IC area and can be reached by clicking any of the ‘Orbital Platform’ teleport cards or flying there in a ship the good old fashioned way. We ask that you don’t obstruct the docks or leave ships docked at the station for long periods of time e.g. when logged out or outside the sim as it prevents others from using them.
The new orbital platform

Atmosphere – 600-850

On entering the sim you’re almost certain to end up here. In the sky above Mesa 5 is a floating platform known as the Teleport Hub, it’s an out of character structure and acts as a quick/easy way to get around the sim’s main areas. There are two pads on which shuttles/fighters can be rezzed, please don’t rez anything inside the hub itself as this can be problematic for incoming visitors.

Teleport Hub

Everything below the Teleport Hub is still under construction currently. The city construction is waiting on the materials project as this will affect how we go about adding detail to building meshes.

Upper City – 300-550

Planned to be a rather up-market/fancy area AKA the expensive ‘nice’ part of town. Several landing platforms for shuttles and large apartments etc are dotted around.

Mid City – 240-290

The main city area, not really expensive, not really seedy; all in all just right. The mid-city is likely to be somewhat commercial with scifi stores able to rent ‘blue’ coded buildings.

Under City – 100-200

Below the smog layer you’ll find the under-city or lower city. This is the seedy/dodgy/bad part of town, it’s intended to be a majority RP area with gang activity and plenty to explore.Sim Layout City – waiting for materials Space is focus for stage 2 Orbital Platform Asteroid Station Rental Area Skyboxes

So yes, we’ve been working pretty steadily on things here at Mesa 5. More information on our other projects will follow very soon, in the meantime head on over to the sim; we’d be more than happy to see you.

Istauri Arai